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Whatever the age or style of your factories roofing or cladding, whether that be PVC roofing or flat roofing, regular maintenance is a necessity to retain the validity of your warranty of new builds or to prevent majors leaks from developing with older buildings.

Roof, cladding and drainage maintenance contracts with regular inspections of your roof, roof lights, guttering, rainwater products, wall cladding and single ply membranes is one way to avoid damage caused by roof leaks or costly dilapidation claims at the end of your lease.

We look after many companies regularly who have commercial units, shops, stores, depots nation wide. These call outs can range from water ingress/ leak repairs to full roof reports and roof investigations.

Roof cleaning

Over years roofs and gutters can often develop organic growth such as moss, weeds and algae. This can often cause problems if unaddressed, mainly on lower pitch roofs were the growth can cause the rainwater to back up and seep under the base lap of the sheet above causing costly secondary issues inside the building.
Also the flow of rainwater can be affected causing blockages In gutters and downpipes which can lead to overflowing.

We provide a roof and gutter cleaning service that can be anything from a simple gutter clean to full growth removal and pressure wash. Many insurers make annual gutter cleaning and inspections mandatory.

With the help of our roof maintenance services, your roof could last a lifetime with minimal problems, for all of which solutions can be planned.